2017 -2018 Winter Programs

PreCanSkate/ PrePower (Ages 3+)

Children are taught basic skating fundamentals, with a focus on continuous movement and creative play.
CSA approved hockey Helmet required
1 day per week

CanSkate 2-5

Children are taught forward/backward skating, crosscuts, stopping, balance, and turning, etc.
Beginner hockey players can also enhance their game by improving their skating skills with this program.
Skaters are tested on a continual basis and advance to next level.
CSA approved hockey helmet required.
2 days per week

Parent and Tot (Ages 3+)

Children are taught basic skating fundamentals accompanied by a parent.
Both child and attending parent pay skate Canada fee * same parent on ice every week.*
CSA approved hockey helmet required
1 day per week


(Prerequisite: Stage 6 CanSkate)
StarSkate is the next step up for the skaters who have mastered CanSkate and want to enhance their skating skills by learning the basics of figure skating.
Skaters continue to work in a group setting as well as individually.
Program Assisting commitment required for skaters 11 yrs. and older.
Private Lessons arranged directly with Coaches.

Advanced StarSkate

This program is for the dedicated and advanced figure skater.
Program Assisting commitment required for skaters 11 yrs. and older.
Parents required signing up to play music.
Private Lessons arranged directly with Coaches.


Learn to skate program for our adults and teens
forward/backward skating, cross-cuts, stopping, balance, and turns


Explanation Policy and Fees.


Prices for our Programs do not include the $36 Skate Canada Fee and $60 or $40 Fundraising Fee (depending on full or half program)
The Skate Canada Fee is a one time season fee charged to each skater and the Fundraising fee is charged per program and also is recoverable.
(If your fundraising Raffle Tickets are sold).
Payment of Fees
Options to pay:
Cheque (payable to Petawawa Skating Club)
PayPal (3% is added to total)
eTransfer Instructions will be emailed

Refund Policy:

Petawawa Skating Club does not refund payments unless the Claim is accompanied by a doctor’s certificate. Additionally, all refunds are subject to a $35.00 administration fee and will be prorated.

Skaters and Parents are asked to read and sign the Code of Conduct.

Guest Skating:

Petawawa Skating Club invites registered Skate Canada Members to guest skate. Permission will be granted based on the number of skaters on the ice.

2017 Fall CanSkate / StarSkate

September 5th – October 1st, 2017