Board of Directors

PSC Executive Members

 President: Bryan Tetz [(613) 687-0149;]. The President chairs the meetings and provides the overall leadership and direction to the Club.

Vice-President:   Elizabeth Burchat provides support and direction to the Club in all areas, and acts on behalf of the President in his  absence.

Treasurer:   Adelle Bemister petskatingtreasurer@gmail.comThe Treasurer prepares the Club budget, monitors revenue and spending against budget, and authorizes all expenses.  Our Club has annual operating expenses of over $100,000, of which ice rental is the largest expense.

Test Chair:  Suzanne Milham [(613 687-8499;].   A lot of organization and time goes into holding the test days for our skaters. The test chair coordinates the test days ensuring we have Skate Canada qualified evaluators working with the cubs involved to accommodate the needs of the skaters.

Program Director:   For each of our programs, we have a parent who represents the interests of those skaters.  That Session Rep should be present at each skating session, and can resolve issues that may arise at that time, and as well can communicate messages from the Executive through Suzanne, who represents all of the session reps on the Executive, as the Program Director.  Please consider volunteering as a session rep for:   Senior A, Senior B, Intermediate, CanSkate, CanPowerSkate, or Synchro.

Competitions / Region 6 Interclub: The Competition Chair  has information on all the competitions taking place in our Section.

Registration:  Christine Tetz [(613) 687-0149;].  With nearly 200 members in our Club, registration is a demanding responsibility.  While registration drives take place at various time, registration forms are otherwise available on our website.  The website also contains information on how to claim the Petawawa Skating Club membership fees as an income tax deduction.

Secretary:  Erin McCabe The secretary takes the minutes of the regular Executive meetings, and along with the President or Vice-President, sends out official correspondence on behalf of the Club.

Ice Allocation:  Greg Wallace [(613) 735-5266;].  Greg is responsible for booking of ice for the Club, at both Arenas.  Any changes in schedule are posted in the Arenas, and will be announced on our website.  Please note that while every attempt is made to notify skaters of changes in ice time, it is not possible to personally notify every skater, so parents and skaters are responsible for watching for notices of any changes.

Off-Season:  Greg Wallace [(613) 735-5266;].  While the Winter Session is the main session, the Club offers Summer, Fall and Spring sessions.  Responsible for organizing these sessions, which draw skaters from area clubs.

Coaches rep:  Stephanie Wallace [(613) 735-5266;] represents the Club’s professional coaches on the Executive Committee, and is also our Head Coach.

Fund Raising:   We engage in several fund-raising events each year to offset the cost of ice rental and to keep our registration fees relatively low.  Selling ads in this publication, selling raffle tickets,  chocolate bar sales, and hosting bingos are some of our fund-raising activities.  Please remember that it is you and your children who benefit from the fund-raising activities undertaken by the Club, by lowering the costs of registration, and pease be positive if asked to help out.  We particularly need your help in running Bingos (at Bingo Country), which is the largest fund-raising activity for our Club.  We need both someone to represent the Club, and volunteers for each of the bingos.  If everyone pitches in a little, there won’t be a heavy burden on a few!

Publicity:   Melainie Grimeau The Publicity Director is responsible for various avenues for advertising in our Club, from general promotion of our Club in the area, to submitting articles in the Petawawa Post and The Daily Observer highlighting the achievements of our skaters, to promoting club-sponsored events, to providing articles for our website.  We often hold a skating show in conjunction with the Petawawa Sno Frolic Winter Carnival.

Coach Liaison: Elizabeth Burchat The Coah Liazon keeps in close contact with our coaches and is the interface between the Coaches and the Club.